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  • business cards

    Business Cards

    Getting the Most Out of Your Business Cards Everyone in business needs business cards. They should be professionally designed and printed in high quality. Business cards are an essential form of communication and recognition. When you meet a prospect for the first time, your business …

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  • Digital  Vs Offset

    Digital -vs- Offset: What’s the Difference?

    What’s the Difference Between Digital and Offset Printing? OFFSET: Advantages in quality and efficiency have made offset printing the most common form of high volume commercial printing since the 1950s. In offset printing the image is burned onto a plate, and then transferred (or offset) …

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  • Bleed

    BLEED PRINTING – What Does It Mean? – More on our Series “Getting It Right”

    The Basics of Bleed Printing – Bleed is a term that refers to elements in a printed file that extend beyond the edge of the sheet before being trimmed away. Printers usually require 1/8″ extra to cut off. A Full Bleed The photo/image or background …

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  • Dpi

    WHAT DOES MY PRINTER MEAN BY DPI? – More on our Series “Getting It Right”

    “My press can print over 1 million dots per inch (DPI) and you’ve given me an image with just 75 dots per inch – do you have any idea what that will look like in print?” This was the essence of a comment I read …

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  • color red - burgundy

    Color Psychology – Survey Result

    Color psychology – there is a science to it. Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in our online survey on the most popular color for our client’s new business cards. This particular client actually chose the green for her business. For her …

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  • Thumb

    Color & Branding – Does Color Matter?

    Does color matter – does color and branding affect the way clients (and potential clients) perceive your business? Is color and branding gender specific? The short answer is ‘yes’ color and branding most definitely does matter. Recently a client of ours asked us to redesign …

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