Graphic Design – Can’t I Do It Myself?


As small business owners we are all aware that we often have to wear multiple hats. However, in the realm of graphic design, there is no ‘one size fits all’ which means that some hats really should only be worn by those who fit them best!

Many of our clients attempt to wear the ‘graphic designer hat’ and, quite frankly, should gently be told that it really doesn’t suit them. Now, there is nothing wrong with learning something new but while some skills are learned and acquired, some are just a gift. Being a graphic designer is a special craft and, while some techniques can often be taught, the skill to produce something that not only conveys the intended message, but does so in the most creative and eye-catching way is something that should generally be left to the experts. I often say, “I can cut my own hair if I wanted to, but I don’t” – I leave it to someone trained in cutting and styling hair. The result of me trying to do it myself could be disastrous leaving me having to live with it for weeks, if not months!! The same goes for printing and graphic design but those disastrous results could prove costly to rectify – certainly much more than the price of a haircut!

Of course, during tough times, if we can do something ourselves to save some money, then often we will try. However, this could be counter-productive. If the end goal is to have the design offset printed in high quality, then it should be created with this in mind and unless you are familiar with commercial printing industry standards for artwork, then perhaps investment in professional help just might save a lot of headaches and valuable time. Remember, your brand represents your business and you only have one chance to make that first impression. Think about this – hand a potential client your business card – this is their impression of you and your business. Personally, if someone hands me a card that quite obviously was printed with one of those cheap perforated templates on a home printer, my first thought is “how much are they going to invest in me as a client, what kind of quality product or service am I going to receive, are they going to cut corners with me to save a few bucks?”

We have provided some resources on our website to help those who insist on trying on the ‘graphic designer’ hat – ‘Color Creator’ and our free downloadable print templates for the most popular business products. Take a look but we do strongly suggest that you read the help files first.

If you do decide that the ‘hat doesn’t fit’ – give us a call and we can loan you ours (real graphic designer that is!)