Virtual Public Assistants

Video Created By Milorian Studios

A Virtual Public Assistant

Also known as a Virtual Mannequin, or Virtual greeter. It is a life-sized, two dimensional figure providing targeted messages or directions to the public. Often found in high traffic areas such as airports, self-service kiosks, malls, banks, lobbies and trade shows, assisting and informing the public with customized messages and information.

These highly engaging virtual public service assistants are becoming more and more popular across the globe – especially in Europe where the technology has been embraced in an effort to reduce staffing costs.

London Luton Airport claimed to be the first airport in the world to have introduced virtual mannequins after installing “Holly and Graham” to announce security information as part of a trial. Since then several other major UK airports – Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester have announced similar trials. Paris Orly airport introduced ‘virtual boarding agents’ and the Spanish airline Iberia have placed two virtual assistants by check-in kiosks at its Madrid-Barajas Airport hub.

As technology advances, virtual assistants are also becoming interactive by responding to questions asked by the public via voice recognition, motion sensor or touch-pad.

The first virtual presenter in Wesley Chapel and the Tampa Bay Area was created exclusively by Scene On Glass Media for the grand opening of Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel. Laci (as she’s affectionately known) greeted guests as they entered the hospital and directed them on the tour route of the new facility.

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